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There’s Something About Marble Countertops

There’s Something About Marble Countertops

Marble is a natural rock that has been formed over hunched of years by heat and pressure, under the Earth’s crust. Its luxurious appearance, with its unique patterns and veins of color, signifies elegance and beauty. Marble countertops purchased, will bring a timelessly elegant, stylish aesthetic to any bathroom. This is why they make a popular choice that never goes out of fashion. Marble is one of the most chosen options for bathroom countertops, over other stone countertops, year after year.

Marble has been used in buildings and sculptures for thousands of years, its durability is one of the many advantages it has. It is strong, and difficult to crack or chip, as well as being stain resistant. The only material stronger is quartz or granite countertops. Many people choose it for its beauty, each slab has its own patterns and veins of color, no two pieces are the same, the color veins depend upon which minerals are trapped within the stone itself.

Marble can be found in mansions and castles across the world, it has always been classed as a luxurious material and was a sign of wealth and prosperity. Nowadays marble countertops and tiles are almost always the choice for bathrooms.

Marble does have one disadvantage: it is porous, which is why it is not recommended for use as kitchen countertops. It needs to be sealed annually, once sealed there is little risk of damage to the stone. If there are any spills on the marble, especially of acidic substances it is important to clean the marble as acids and harsh chemicals can cause stains. It is worth investing in marble, it will last a long time, keep its beauty and actually add value to your home. as iIt is sought after by homeowners.