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Finding the Right Countertop Edge Profiles

All natural and manufactured stone countertop slabs are designed with a standard engineered cut so that an experienced stonemason can fabricate the countertop surface precisely according to your specifications. Selecting from among several countertop edge profiles to match your specific design and create a style uniquely yours is an important part of the finishing touches for your countertops.

Why Must You Choose Your Edge Profile?

An edge profile not only offers the proper visual aesthetics, but it is also important to protect and prolong the life of your stone countertops, whether they are granite countertop edges or quartz edge profiles.
It is common practice for the professional stonemason to finish 20mm countertop edges using a minimum profile of 2mm. This profile can be an Arised Edge or it may feature a Pencil Round Edge.
But it is vital to consider these factors in making your choice:

  • The edge profiles must be fabricated and finished to match the countertop surface.
  • The top and bottom of the profile edges should be rounded. Squaring off the edges creates a surface area on the edge profile that is more prone to chipping.
  • All profile edges should at minimum have a radius of 3mm-4mm. For increased durability, that measurement can rise to a 6mm radius.
  • Undermount sinks require a minimum edge profile radius of 6mm on the upper edge of your countertop.

The minimum recommended range for edge profiles is 3 to 4 millimeters, and remember that a rounded edge reduces the risks of chipping while increasing the safety of the overall safety of the surface edges within your space.

Which Edge Profile to Choose

You have a wide range of edge profile choices to meet your design style. Each one offers a unique look to complement your space.
The most popular option for granite and quartz countertop edges includes the Aris Edge when considering 20mm surfaces, and the Mitred Edge is prevalent for 40mm surfaces. There is also a lamination option available by some that can achieve the look of a 40mm surface.

You can have a surface edge profile that is custom-designed to produce a thickness anywhere from 20mm to 40mm in depth. The edge thickness is almost limitless. It is not unusual to find countertop edge profiles of 60mm to 100mm thick. These edge profiles are fabricated to give the appearance of the same thickness throughout the entire countertop. You can create great drama and incredible elegance to your entire space through the edge profiles in your countertop design.

Edge Profile Pricing

The cost of your edge profile will depend on the complexity of the design you select. Speak to your countertop specialists for a firm quote on your countertop edge profiles.