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Which Stone Countertop is Easiest to Maintain?

Which Stone Countertop is Easiest to Maintain?


Quartz countertops are an excellent choice for kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops. Quartz is made by combining ground-up rocks and resin together and is known as engineered stone. It has one large advantage over marble and granite countertops, it is non-porous and so doesn’t need to be sealed and won’t stain. So quartz countertops require minimal maintenance. This engineered stone is comparable in price to granite.


Soapstone is a natural rock that is very dense, even more so than granite, which means that it is naturally non-porous. So it doesn’t need to be sealed, like granite or marble. No liquid can permeate into the rock so it is impervious to staining. The stone has a milky appearance which gives it a more rustic look compared to modern granite. It needs minimal maintenance and it is extremely heat resistant, so it is excellent as a stone kitchen countertop.


Granite countertops are a high end option, they are a very popular choice for kitchen countertops. Granite is extremely hard and durable, it has a high heat resistance and is extremely difficult to crack or chip. It does, however, need annual sealing to make it resistant to liquid and stains. Other than that there is no additional maintenance.

There is no countertop material that doesn’t need any maintenance, but natural stones offer more advantages, long life and value, compared to their non-stone counterparts. Stone countertops are durable, last a lifetime and need minimal maintenance and look fantastic.