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How to Match Cabinetry with Countertops

How to Match Cabinetry with Countertops

Getting a new kitchen renovation going is exciting but it takes planning. It’s important to choose your countertops, whether they will be marble, granite, or quartz countertops, before choosing your kitchen cabinets. The reason for this is that natural stone countertops, like granite, are unique and cannot be changed. But cabinetry can be altered through painting, staining, or simple replacement to get the best match. Selecting your cabinetry first can make it much more difficult to find the right granite countertops to blend well in your new kitchen. If you plan on keeping your existing cabinetry, the best way to handle your countertop selection is to take a door or drawer with you when choosing your granite countertops.

To make a good match, you can choose to go with a pairing that is complementary or contrasting to achieve the look you want between your countertops and your cabinetry.  To contrast, you can choose a classic white and black kitchen or a lighter grain of wood for the cabinetry with black stone countertops.  Or you can complement each with shades of white in the cabinets and the countertops that play off each other.

You may also delve into the color range offered by the granite countertops you have selected. Check the graining in the granite to see all the color variations in the single slab. This may lead you to an earthy tone that is well-suited for a wood-colored cabinet. So choosing a medium to dark granite slab might give you some lighter elements that match well with natural, finished woods, including maple, hickory, or oak.

Find a stone fabricator that has larger slabs to make your choice from, rather than small, hand-held samples. And make sure they are recognized for quality workmanship and variety, like Granite Countertops Company. We have over 80 different colors of granite slabs available at all times, allowing you to choose exactly the granite countertops you will love paired with your cabinetry. We have knowledgeable and dedicated staff that can offer excellent advice and answer your questions so you can be fully confident in your new granite countertops.