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How to choose the best material for your countertops?

How to choose the best material for your countertops?

You have chosen to renovate your kitchen and it is now time to replace the countertops you have known and loved for years. You want something sturdy, you want it on budget, or perhaps you want to go with an extravagant choice, but whatever your plan, the selection process can be overwhelming. With so many options what do you choose?

To pick your next countertop that will reside in your kitchen for the next few years, a good idea is to first ask yourself some countertop questions, like:

  •         What will work with the rest of my kitchen aesthetic?
  •         Do I go natural or synthetic?
  •         How much do I want to spend?
  •         How long will it take for the material to be ready to place?

Next, a pro and con list for your narrowed down choices based on the answers to these questions.

For economy your choices are solid acrylic, polyester, or a blend that is tightly woven and very hard, and is usually covered by Formica, which can come in a multitude of colors.

If money is no object, your options open up quite a bit. Marble, slate, concrete, travertine, quartz, and limestone are just a few of the hard, yet more expensive, options. They will last for the life of your kitchen, but they need sealing to prevent stains.

Economic choices are typically made in a country and are attainable more quickly than the expensive options. The precision with cutting marble, for instance, has to be done by a masterful hand, whereas a garden-variety contractor can cut an acrylic countertop with ease.

For your kitchen countertops in Chicago, just remember that the countertops you choose are going to be in your home for a long time, so be very specific. No one wants to be forced to stare at something that seems nice on day one and becomes the bane of their existence by day five. Take you time, make the choice based on logic, not emotion, and get ready to enjoy your new countertops.